Ogene Systems
Ogene Systems Pvt (I) Ltd.


Quantum dots in conjugation with RNA & DNAOgene Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd is a Contract Research organization (CRO) and also offers manufacturing services for Nano, Pharma and Biotechnology companies around the world. Initiated by vibrant corporate managers and world class R&D scientists with proven track record, Ogene has committed to exceeding the needs and expectations of its clients. Cutting-edge technologies at Ogene provide innovative, professional and superior quality services with high integrity and reliability. more..

Why Ogene?

Ogene's foray in to niche areas like Nanomedicine, Radiolabeled Compounds and New and Emerging Technologies has won it many accolades and has placed itself strategically to attract the global pharma and biotech companies to its turf. With its expertise in these areas Ogene is the perfect choice for those companies that are scouting for the right CRO partner in India. more..