Ogene Systems

Ogene's foray in to niche areas like Nanomedicine, Radiolabeled Compounds, Energy Chemicals and New and Emerging Technologies has won it many accolades and has placed itself strategically to attract the global pharma and biotech companies to its turf. With its expertise in these areas Ogene is the perfect choice for those companies that are scouting for the right CRO partner in India.

Global leader with proven track record, Ogene has more than 500 man years of hands on experience working with the cream of the pharma companies. The USP of Ogene lies in its highly talented pool of manpower, whose dedication to work has won the reputation that it is enjoying and has reinstated its commitment to work.

By focusing in the niche areas, Ogene has been amassing intellectual property (IP) in all these areas thereby aiming to become a global behemoth of intellectual property in the near future. Ogene has its research pipe line full with research work being undertaken on different topics that are spread for different time periods extending upto 2030. They include research in

  • • personalized medicine
  • • gene array
  • • nano medicine
  • • nano materials
  • • bench to bed side

Ogene is located in Hyderabad, a major IT and pharmaceutical hub in India. Hyderabad has been the center for manufacture of Pharmaceuticals and APIs for over 40 years and produces over 40% of the countries requirement. Strategically located Ogene can be the right

Ogene is also focusing on green technologies and other globally competitive technologies which will be its future growth drivers. Given this, Ogene is rightly positioned to be the perfect global contract research partner.

Please mail to info@ogene.co.in for further details and opportunities.