Ogene Systems



Quantum dots in conjugation with RNA & DNA

Ogene Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd is an independent Contract Research Organization for Nano, Pharma and Biotechnology companies around the world. Initiated by vibrant corporate managers and world class R&D scientists with proven track record, Ogene has committed to exceeding the needs and expectations of its clients by providing an innovative, professional and superior quality service with high integrity and reliability.

  • a) How Ogene is different from other CRO companies?
  • Ans: Working in thrust areas to generate intellectual property to our customers
  • b) What is Nano medicine?
  • Nano medicine is defined as an intervention of Nano Technology in medicinal chemistry. The Nano medicines is a broad area which encompasses control and targeted release of drugs, in-vivo and in-vitro imaging, and regenerative medicine for strengthening the tissue by incorporating Bio-Hybrids in stem cells
  • c) What are the benefits of Nano medicine?
  • Ans: Increased bioavailability, Lowers the quantum of drug administration, Less toxicity and extended patent life through filing ANDA
  • d) What are Radiolabeled compounds?
  • Ans: Incorporation of radio isotopes in drugs, which allows compilation of Adsorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion (ADME) profile in animals and human beings.
  • e) What is "Green Chemistry" and the advantage of Catalysis in process development?
  • Ans: Technology that minimizes quantum of effluents released. Catalyst improves the selectivity towards products.
  • f) What do you mean by Bench side to Bedside in Discovery Research?
  • Ans: Research enables the formulated drug reaching the patients right from lab research.
  • g) What are the benefits of convergence in Chem-Bio-Info-Nano technologies?
  • Ans: Evaluation of personalized medicine to suit specific gene array by leveraging Chem-Bio-Info-Nano technologies
  • h) What is targeted therapy?
  • Ans: Navigating the desired drug to the diseased cells directly
  • i) What are the recent trends in analytical methods and their role in discovery chemistry?
  • Ans: NMR, LC MS/MS, Preparative HPLC, HPLC, GC MS/MS, UV and FTIR. These methodologies used in discovery chemistry for Identification, Characterization, Qualification, Quantification and impurity profile.